Thursday, October 13, 2011

Excited for new stories/releases

I just had the pleasure of checking out the PDF of the 2011 Bump In The Night horror anthology from Bucks County Publishing. As you know by now, BCP is the publisher for Zombie Showdown, and I've worked with BCP on its 2010 edition of BITN. My Christmas horror short, RED CHRISTMAS, is more like a novella: nearly 52 pages (in 5x8 book form) of blood and snow, set in my hometown of Fitchburg, Mass.

I just posted on Facebook about it: And I may seem a tad biased, but if you're not taking a deep breath after reading RC, then you need your pulse checked.

Red Christmas, if memory serves me, is coming out as a standalone ebook on Nov. 1, with the full anthology coming out on Nov. 15.

Soon after that, I have a short story coming out in Dark Continents Publishing's Phobophobias anthology. This was a great project to be a part of: 26 authors, mainly from the UK and a smattering from the US including yours truly, taking a letter of the alphabet and writing about a phobia beginning with that letter. I chose the letter C, and I wrote about Coulrophobia -- the fear of clowns. I put the clowns and the main character, Camille, in a cemetery, and, well... if you've read me, you know there's some sort of action involved. I'm excited for this release; it'll put me in front of a whole new audience.

Phobophobias comes out Nov. 25.

And of course, shortly after that, I'll release the third Jaclyn Johnson novel, Double Agent. This one is set in Las Vegas. I'll go into more detail in a couple of weeks, after edits are finished and everything is nice and straightened out.

Let's just say this: It's a big novel.

I can't wait to release it.