Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest author: Jeffrey Beesler

I'd like to introduce you all to Jeffrey Beesler, whose debut novel Spell of Entrapment made its way into the Kindle store this week. Jeff is a talented, budding author from the state of Washington who is on a blog tour to promote the book. I've already read it, and I must say it's a breath of fresh air into the fantasy genre.

Without further ado, here's Jeff:

When a knight, Sir Patrew of Trava, infiltrates sorceress Embekah’s manor, a spell of entrapment binds them both inside her home.

This is the premise for my debut novel, Spell of Entrapment, the first installment in the Mages of Trava series. I’d really like to discuss how I came up with such an idea, but I fear the story has long since escaped me. Quite frankly, I’m not even sure how many of my ideas ever crop up.

This morning on my way into writing this guest post for Sean, I happened upon a photo that another writer friend had posted to Facebook. It featured a fortune cookie whose omen for the day read as follows: “Creativity: Anarchy of the mind”. This got me to thinking, as desserts are often wont to do in my case. How many times have I had a dream I just couldn’t shake, or a thought that wouldn’t die no matter how much I wanted it to? 

Sometimes, however, I get the sense that these ideas speak to me even when I’m asleep. Often I’ll have dreams of people who I’ve never even met in real life. It’s almost as if my own characters are talking to me in my sleep, trying to get my attention even as I’m working on something else.

For Spell of Entrapment, I decided to tackle the matter of solitude, and what it might be like for someone who spent twenty years of her adult life in exile. Then I built on this by making her come face-to-face with the awkward nature of having to socialize with someone after having no one to talk to all those years. Adding in the notion that this guy should carry a sort of antagonism toward her, I wound up fleshing out the conflict in the novel.

Not every idea I have will be turned into a novel or story. However, I consider each idea that crosses my path as an exercise in and of itself. It’s keeping my creativity healthy, which will keep me in fine shape to tell stories for many years to come.

Jeffrey Beesler was born on May 2nd, 1978. In addition to self-publishing his debut novel, Spell of Entrapment, he has had a short fantasy story published in Abandoned Towers #4, The Broken Pipes of Drei City.  He is a graduate of the LongRidge Writers Group correspondence course, Breaking into Print. His book can be purchased here:



Thanks for stopping by, Jeff!