Friday, July 27, 2012

The Characters of the Second Obloeron Prequel

I've written that characters drive an author's story. The characters are the ones that truly know the story; the author is only the conduit between the characters and the page. There have been times my characters and I have gotten into drunken fistfights.

Suffice it to say, the characters always win. But I digress.

Today I'm going to introduce you to the characters you'll read about in The Shadow Looms, the second Obloeron prequel, coming to digital bookstores everywhere soon. These people sat on my shoulder and whispered into my ear for several years, telling me to do this and do that. For quite a while, they were close confidantes.

Without further ado, the characters...


The protagonists:

Krampel Paddymeyer is the series' protagonist. In DARK FALCON, he is introduced as a slave to the Caravan, a group of gypsy-like merchants who travel across the breadth of Obloeron, trading and selling goods. He breaks free of his bonds and hurries to the nearest township, Cassimina, where he is taken in by Vossler, the local tanner and cobbler. Vossler unlocks the power held deep within Krampel -- the ability to wield a great sword of the past, Flad-rul. Krampel becomes a bounty hunter, taking bounties without prejudice, under the pseudonym Dark Falcon. He has since taken on an apprentice, who has also become his lover, and has encountered a certain dwarf. Over the first few chapters of SHADOW, which is set a year after the events of DARK FALCON, the trio have taken work in a port town near Oak Flats, the squirrellen realm. It is an attack on this realm that sets the trio into action, setting up the famed Great Imperial Wars.

Lutricia Juniper is the series' secondary protagonist and the female lead. We met Lutricia in part two of DARK FALCON. She is the daughter of Lord Juniper, a wealthy land owner who has since fled. She longs for the life of a bounty hunter and, after hearing Krampel is the best there is, her father hires Krampel to be her teacher. She is a headstrong individual who tries to get through the walls Krampel puts up. As said above, she gains his trust and a spot in his bed. She also has a big solo part in this one, where she shows her nerve in a battle against larger enemies.

Radamuck Rosar is still a general in his father Ricanack's army, but is on leave while he sees the realms with Krampel and Lutricia. He, too, is headstrong but not as confident as he is in THE OBLOERON TRILOGY. He, too, has a big solo part in this one, where he hopes to convince a king to join him.

There are quite a few other characters on the side of good that you'll see throughout the book.

The antagonists:

Cairn Ford is the main antagonist in the story. He is the High Imperial Inquisitor of the southlands, where he has instituted a tight reign on the populace, reaching as far south as Salva on the southern peninsula. In book two, he bides his time as his plans come to fruition. He unleashes his horde after Krampel and Co. stop one of his plans.

Danolf Joocston is a minor antagonist in DARK FALCON, but he plays a major role in the series as a whole. He is a young wizard employed by the Inquisitor for his alchemy work; Joocston is the creator of Ford's horde.

There are also another group of characters that I'll talk to you about in another blog post, and it's their actions that practically set into motion The Great Imperial Wars.

There's more to learn about these characters. You'll have to read the book in order to find out more.

It's almost time. Be patient, and you'll soon have it.