Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zero days happen

At any moment of the day, I'll have several web sites up on my computer: Facebook and Twitter are musts. My Yahoo! mail is up, for the most part. I'll occasionally have up in order to keep up to date with what's going on in the USA sports world, and the BBC Sport page for everything in British football.

But what else is up? My Amazon KDP and PubIt! uploaders, which lets me know how many sales I have during the month and, since I keep track of it so closely, how many I have during the day.

Sometimes, the numbers tick up in out-of-control fashion. There are days where the numbers go up at an even keel. And there are days where they don't go up at all.

Let's face it: Zero sales days happen. We aren't J.K. Rowlings or Stephen Kings, where we expect to sell books every day based on name recognition or newspaper stories. Some of us have no name recognition at all. It happens.

It just means that those without name recognition have to work harder to get the name out there. Sometimes the hard work pays off. Sometimes it doesn't.

When an author learns that there are zero days and big days where you gain a reader (or more), the happier that author will be.