Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cheer, Cheer, FEDERAL AGENT is here!

Before Hurricane Sandy blew in--and by all means, my thoughts go out to those effected by the storm, especially fellow authors Imogen Rose, Donna Fasano, Terry Simpson and Anton Strout--yesterday, I managed to fix a few errors, then formatted and uploaded FEDERAL AGENT: A THRILLER to all ebook outlets. With the exception of Sony and Apple iBooks, which I upload through Smashwords and am awaiting premium services approval, the book is now available.

Phew. This book was a lot of fun, written during a whirlwind summer. Now it's time to go into promotion mode and hopefully blog a few times about it. And for the record, Jaclyn's adventures are no where close to ending. There is plenty more to come for this fantastic character.

So far, Kim Tomsett at Wistful Kimmies' book review blog has already reviewed it: you can find her review here. I want to thank both her and Big Al for pre-reading it. Trisha Reeves, as always, did an awesome job with the cover.

Before I go post the cover and some purchase links, I want to share something with you. This book deals with some adult subject matter. I know that I do have young fans that read my books. I don't know if this one is for them. If I were you parents, I'd read the book first before letting them read it. I know that I say that you never know, your kid may surprise you and can handle things well... I don't know about this one. I'd rather err on the side of caution... but then again, I'm not your child's parent.

Happy reading.

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