Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Book Day: FREEDOM

Earlier this morning, David Wood uploaded and released FREEDOM, the Dane Maddock/Bones origins novella that he and I co-wrote back in March. It is currently available on Kindle and Kobo; I'll post a link when its Nook placement is up and running.

The story goes back through the mists of time, bringing Dane and Bones to when they completed BUDS as part of their Navy SEAL training. The thing is, these two simply despise one another. And in true literary fashion, they are brought together by circumstance, eventually working together during the course of the story.

FREEDOM takes place in my native Boston, some twenty years ago or so. Anyone who knows Boston will get the time period within the first few chapters of the book, as there are several locales no longer standing that we included in the story. And there is something that, if you've read David's Maddock books before now, sneaked into the story without our say-so. What can I say: It happens.

David invited me into this project back in December. I jumped at the chance--David's books sell, and there were infinite possibilities. I had only asked  for some time to finish writing REDEEMED. In fact, one of the characters in REDEEMED makes a brief appearance in this story. We started brainstorming in February, I wrote the first draft in March, he wrote the second draft, and I recently looked through the book before firing it off to DW.

And here it is.

This was an interesting experience for me, to say the least: David and I's styles clash a little, and the way we approach our work is totally different. But I think that it worked as a whole, and the finished product is before you now.

I'm hoping that David and I get the chance to work on book two!

FREEDOM on Kindle