Friday, August 1, 2014

The year ahead for this author

Ahh, August. Welcome. August is the month that the publishing world takes a siesta, where everyone steps back and starts recharging the ol' batteries.

Not me. I've been plugging away at TRAVEL AGENT's first draft since just before the end of the World Cup, and since then I've written on the south side of 38,000 words. I'm up to a little over 75,000, and I can foresee the end of the book coming within the next couple of weeks, depending on how quick I punch out words. Jen and I have a trip to New York planned in the next couple of days, and then we're off to our week-long trip to Truro the week after. I hope I can finish the first draft in between trips, but we'll see.

But then what to do? Writers rarely have down time. Writers are always craving to do something related to their work. So what will I do? The answer's simple--I'm going to edit INCINERATION and edit the suck out of it, to boot!

After that, it's reading and restructuring the original OBLOERON TRILOGY; I'm planning on stream-lining it into one large edition without the separation of the original three books. That'll take a long time, I fear.

So, without further ado, here's my publishing schedule for the next 365 days:

August 2014: Release paperback editions of Federal Agent and Literary Agent, finish writing Travel Agent, edit Incineration
September 2014-October 2014: Revise/restructure The Obloeron Trilogy
November 2014: Edit Travel Agent, begin writing new novel, re-release The Obloeron Trilogy (tentative)
January 2015: Hopefully finish new novel's first draft, release Incineration
Early February 2015: Give Travel Agent final pass; release Double Agent audiobook; write a new Alex Bourque/Connor Wood novella?
March 17, 2015: Release Travel Agent, start plotting seventh Jaclyn Johnson novel around then, edit the new novel project
April 2015: Start writing JJ7
July 28, 2015: Receive the cover for the final Obloeron prequel, Krampel's Revenge, and release it.

Let me pause and wipe the sweat away here. That's a rather busy calender year, and I'd like to add that things may change: I may get to write other things, too; you'll notice that in February 2015, I may write a novella. The new novel project: I have not yet begun to brainstorm it, so I may squeeze that in after the INCINERATION edit and before I begin re-reading THE OBLOERON TRILOGY. I always have something on the proverbial hopper. And don't forget that I have other chores here on the Farm that need attending, plus reading other authors' great books (my buddy Jim C. Hines sees CODEX BORN out in paperback this Tuesday), and having a life besides.

Either way, the next 365 days will be fun and frustrating, I'm sure. There's a lot to do. There may be some tears (especially when I'm re-working the trilogy). And of course, there may be unforeseen circumstances that could hamper my efforts. The hope is that I'll be able to stick to the schedule with little difficulty.

Famous last words? I hope not.

I'll be sure to update my progress here and on Facebook and Twitter.

And before I forget, buddy David Wood sent me the cover for TRAVEL AGENT.