Thursday, January 29, 2015


Now that Travel Agent has been on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo the last few days, and now it's on its way to Apple iBooks and there will be a paperback on Amazon soon (it's on CreateSpace, and I'll give a link at the bottom of this blog), it's time to take a look at see just what the sixth full-length adventure is all about.

1. An old friend is back.

Not to really give a major spoiler here, but we haven't seen this character in some time. In fact, his name is mentioned in the first sentence of the book. He's off desk duty and back into the game--to a point.

2. Jaclyn, Tom, and Tasha are on vacation.

But that doesn't stop someone from setting Jaclyn up to take the fall for an assassination.

3. All's not right in Washington, D.C.

But it's not on Capitol Hill. It's involving someone close to Jaclyn, someone who has grown weary of their current life.

4. What would a Jaclyn Johnson book be without Parkerhurst or Salt?

They're back in their minor roles, and Parkerhurst does make the cross-Pacific trip with some toys and cars--plural--for Jaclyn and the old friend.

5. And who just happens to be our antagonist?

A gentleman by the name of Resnick, a man with great political aspirations. He's the main guy, but there are a few underlings... because what psychopath isn't without those to do his will?

6. How explosive is Travel Agent?

Kaboom? Kaboom.

7. I hear there's some tear-jerking moments in this one. Is that true?

Why yes. Yes there are.

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