Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Obloeron Re-writes--First round, finished

I've spent the last couple of days finishing up the first round of work on The Obloeron Trilogy's re-writes, and as of Friday afternoon, the first round is done. Thursday and Friday, I spent my time tightening up The Fall of Myrindar, because that's really all that needed doing. There was some head-hopping, and that I eliminated. In fight scenes, my Third Person Clusterfuck POV was strong.

(Yes, it's a POV I made up.)

The writing in The Fall of Myrindar is strong, stronger than the first two books. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect, and with repetition comes experience. Every book you write, you develop your skills. You can tell that Quest is a first book. Return to Lowbridge is a decent second. Myrindar is a stronger book in order to wrap up the series.

There is, of course, more work to do in the series. I have to go into the prequels and make some character/place changes, which I will do this week. I also have to check the currently yet-to-be-published third prequel and check certain scenes for continuity, and make sure that stuff gets adequately described in Myrindar. I also have to go into Return to Lowbridge and strengthen certain portions.

The series WILL be better for this hard work.

As for now, I'm taking a day or so to re-charge, and I may get back to work Monday. If not Monday, Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend.