Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Book Day: The Long Crimson Line now available

Edit: Nook is up; link below.

Happy Book Day to me, Happy Book Day to me, Happy Book Day, Happy Book Day, Happy Book Day to me!

(And to buddies Daniel Arenson and David McAfee, too.)

Well, it's here. The Long Crimson Line: A Thriller has finally been released on all platforms. Novel No. 21, in all its bloody glory.

This novel pushes the envelope far beyond anything that I've done before. The amount of description in the murders detailed--the second to last murder, especially--will make the reader smell the blood, even on an eReader.

I'll be working this week to get the paperback copy up, and right now we've had a good launch thanks to pre-orders. Will it continue?

Oh, I hope so.

US Kindle
UK Kindle
iBooks (coming soon)

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