Friday, June 12, 2015

JJ7 Update: Four chapters to go

The title of the blog says it all. After today's 2,464-word writing session, I am at 88,818 words and four chapters away from putting the capper on JJ7, a.k.a. Chemical Agent. I believe this next chapter will be three scenes in total: the first scene rather quick, the second scene with more dialogue, and the third scene will be full of detail. I will more than likely start this chapter on Sunday or Monday. The next two chapters after that will be intense resolution chapters, before the final one will wrap everything up nice and tidy.

Or does it?

(Quick aside: That was my mind snarling, "Muhahahaha." As far as you know.)

There is still the question of the subplot. I had brainstormed a light subplot for this story with the intention of making the character involved in the subplot to feature a little more in the eighth Jaclyn Johnson novel. Unfortunately for me, I'm starting to think that the subplot would slow the current story down, and I'm harping on whether or not to include it at all.

If I keep the subplot, I need to do more brainstorming: I only wrote the initial subplot scene back in March, then stuck with the main plot all the way through to this point; I even skipped over the second subplot scene a couple of weeks back. As I have it right now, the character involved in the subplot is tied to the antagonist--but I really didn't make that connection in the writing of the first draft. If I do keep it, I need to brainstorm what happens with this character between the initial subplot scene and the second subplot scene, as well as a resolution for this character headed into book eight. I shouldn't have to look too hard to find ideas for this character, but I may not do any thinking about this topic until September when I revisit JJ7 for the first round of editing.

All told, I could have the first draft of this book done in a week, or two. I haven't decided yet, but within two weeks should be a rather safe estimate. I'm not trying to rush this book: after all, it has taken me three months to get to this point, and I'm nearly done with the first draft.

Just have to pace myself, and everything should work out.