Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Happy Book Day: The Small Town P.I. Series bundle

Pretty simple, folks: As I explained Monday, I uploaded the Small Town P.I. Series ebook bundle on Sunday, and now it is fully published across the four major ebook chains this morning. Links for the book are below.

For those of you not familiar with the Small Town P.I., Alex Bourque, the series is a three-book adventure set in and around my hometown of Fitchburg, Mass. The last book, Beach Blanket Bloodshed, came out in June.

Here’s the kicker in all of this, everyone: I’m introducing this set to you at $2.99. Each book separately is priced beautifully at $2.99. Together? $2.99. Apart? $2.99 each.

See what I’m driving at? You can get an absolute steal—three books for less than the cost of a cup of coffee at any place that serves coffee—for three books instead of paying triple. But get it now before I jack the price up.

If you liked my Jaclyn Johnson series, you will like the Small Town P.I. series. If you like the first-person storytelling of Robert B. Parker’s Spenser character, you’ll definitely enjoy the Small Town P.I. series.

Thanks for giving it a shot.

The description:

Follow P.I. Alex Bourque through this fun and fast-paced three-book series based in author Sean Sweeney’s native Massachusetts!

In Cold Altar, Alex is fresh out of college and he has started his private investigative business. His first case: a cold case once investigated by his father. With ever-so-randy girlfriend Lauryn’s help, Alex digs deeper into the clues his old man missed.

In Voir Dire, Alex is on jury duty, and after being challenged by the prosecution, starts working for the defense attorney. His job: to get the attorney’s client cleared of a murder he obviously did not commit—but not everything is copacetic between the parties involved: the client is protecting something, and that’s the truth.

In Beach Blanket Bloodshed, Alex and Lauryn are enjoying a well-earned vacation on sunny Cape Cod when a body rolls up on the beach behind them. The widow soon gets Alex involved in the search for her husband’s killer—and along the way, Alex and Lauryn get involved in a sandy, sexual tryst neither saw coming.

Three quick whodunit stories that’ll have you flipping pages in search for the killer!

At the moment, it is only available in digital form, but that may change. Get your copy for only $2.99 at the links below!

Kindle US
Kindle UK