Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Negative Reactions Toward New Time Lady Simple-Minded, Not Shocking

Like many people around the world, I waited for news about the 13th incarnation of The Doctor, the protagonist in the long-running--54 full years on Nov. 23!--British sci-fi television show Doctor Who. Being in the United States, I didn't get to watch the announcement live on the BBC; I would have thought BBC America had it, but I guess not. Even so, I learned the identity of the new Doctor--Jodie Whittaker--around 12:30 p.m. while walking around the grocery store; I had to make a quick stop on my way home from a radio appearance in my hometown.

Doctor Bae.

My first reaction to Miss Whittaker was a resounding YES. I have never seen Broadchurch, another BBC show on which she appears as a series regular, nor any of her other work, so I don't know exactly her acting chops--I presume her acting is on another level in order to land this iconic role. My emphatic YES is over the fact that a change in The Doctor's gender was acknowledging what was becoming a mere formality at this point:

John Simms' Master: "Is the future going to be all-girl?"
12th Doctor: "We can only hope."

There were other signs, too, beyond 10th Series dialogue: the fact The Master became The Mistress--and seriously, how fucking fantastic is Michelle Gomez as an actress?--and the General from the Time War regenerated into female form for what was to be his/her final regeneration of this cycle. And don't forget the minisode that preceded the 50th Anniversary special, where the Sisterhood of Karn gave Paul McGann's 8th Doctor the option of choosing his next incarnation: "Time Lord science is elevated here on Karn; the change doesn't have to be random. Fat or thin? Young or old? Man..... or woman?"

Plain and simple, this was HAPPENING, like it or not; from a storytelling perspective, it sends the narrative into interesting directions. And yes, there have been plenty of criticism about it from the Small Penis Brigade.

I haven't seen the angry responses to Jodie Whittaker signing on as the newest Time Lady; if I'm being honest, I really don't care to see them. I know some of my friends have seen them.

Of course, it's typical anti-feminist bullshit. These are the same people who bitched about the potential relationship between Rey and Finn--or because Finn is a black stormtrooper?--in Star Wars. Perhaps these people never realized there have been Time Ladies in the past, such as the Rani, or Romana. Or... River Song? Ever hear about her?

Oh yes--the Doctor's wife. One of the best Time Ladies to ever wield a sonic screwdriver, who also blew kissy noises into her microphone Sunday when she found out Whittaker is the new Doctor. A return for River to find out her husband is now a drop dead gorgeous blonde--not ginger, my only complaint--Time Lady between now and 2021? My pulse is pounding simply thinking of THAT particular scenario.

Hello, Sweetie? Hellooooooo, Sweetie!

Doctor Who is not going to be ruined by this welcome change. If you think so, you have every right not to turn on the television every Saturday. Honestly, I think you're going to miss out--and it will be your loss, not ours.

Doctor Who as a woman? Doctor Why Not?