Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What I Read This Summer

Every summer, I make a promise to myself: cut into the large stack of books, whether ink-and-paper or digital, that I have amassed. And every summer, that promise fails to truly materialize--at least that has been the case since 2013.

But with some time over the course of the last three months, I did some serious, serious reading, and managed to slice my way through the reading pile--as well as dust off a few of my old favorites.

In all of 2017, I've now read 23 books--but starting May 16, I began my summer reading. From that date until just a little while ago today, I managed to read 19 books.

Here's a list:

The Harry Potter collection

It had been well over five-plus years since I last read J.K. Rowling's fantastic series, and I had yet to read the new Cursed Child screenplay. Reading these books swept me away, like it did over a decade ago.

So that's eight books, right there.

Abigail, by L.L. Craft

A pulse-quickener that isn't exactly for the faint of heart. Eagerly awaiting the sequel.

Goodman's Bad Day, by Michael Crane

Mikey finally wrote himself a novel, and it's as I expected: a solid tale derived from his slice of life stories and expanded.

The Insider's Story: A Lance Carter Detective Novel #2, by Bruce A. Sarte

I thought I had read this years ago, but apparently, I hadn't. Bruce is very good at bringing Philadelphia to life, just like I am with Boston or Worcester.

The Interstellar Cargo series (2 books and a novella), by Matthew Verish

A solid sci-fi series, and I'm waiting for the third book to arrive.

The Burning Room, Harry Bosch #19, and The Wrong Side of Goodbye, Harry Bosch #21, by Michael Connelly

I love Connelly. I love Bosch.

A Catskill Eagle, Spenser #12, by Robert B. Parker

One of my literary heroes, Parker.

Star Wars Aftermath and Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt, by Chuck Wendig

Being the Star Wars nut that I am, I've wanted to read these as the rumor had it that Snoke is in it as another character. Didn't find him in the first two; still have to read Empire's End.