Saturday, December 31, 2011

The author's resolutions, 2012 style

My resolutions for 2012:

I will take better care of myself in 2012.

This is something I slack on. Authoring -- typing -- is a sedentary profession with limited movement. I don't run, but I could walk -- even though there's a chance of getting shot in my hometown. I also haven't seen a cardiologist in quite a while. I resolve to set aside time in my daily schedule to walk at least a few miles every week, and to schedule a physical/consultation.

I will not put pressure on myself in 2012.

When I say put pressure on myself, it's mainly worrying about how many words I write in a day in a project. There are some authors who don't reach my daily output. I resolve not to stress over daily counts. I get what I get.

I will write more in 2012.

Interesting that I put this resolution after the one about not putting pressure on myself. Simply put, I only wrote two books, plus two novellas (one not published yet) and a few short stories. All told, I wrote about 210,000 words in fiction. I also wrote 122,412 words in sportswriting this year. The first half of 2011 mainly dealt with editing and releasing novels in my backlog. I finished Model Agent, wrote C is for Coulrophobia as well as Vam Yankees (unreleased). I resolve to use my time more productively, and write more novels. I'd like to write five this year.

I will rest more in 2012.

Another interesting one. Author mate Steven Savile always implores me to take a break every so often. I rarely watch TV. I've been watching movies the past few days at night. I resolve to recreate a little more.

I will (hopefully) sell more books in 2012, which will help me scale back my sportswriting commitments in 2012.

Sportswriting keeps me fed during this early portion of my career. I wrote over 122,400 words in sportswriting during 2011 -- the equivalent of one long book, or two short books. Think about it: I could have written two more books this year if I had that sportswriting time back. If sales are at a level that I can live with, I resolve to cut my sportswriting time and concentrate on writing fiction.

Happy New Year.