Friday, December 9, 2011

Reading, Reading, Reading!

Over the past few weeks, I've read a few great books on my Kindle. This is what is called getting caught up on one's reading that one missed out on while one wrote a book. I do this between projects because I have so many great books to read since I pick up quite a few of them while I work. Damn my one-click finger... but I digress.

Here's a list of books that I've read over the past two weeks:

The Star of Christmas by Bruce A. Sarte

This is a cutesie tale that tells of Anna, the star hand-picked by God himself to lead the three wise men to Bethlehem. It's a quick read with pictures -- the pictures are incredible sketches -- and sure to be a hit with your family every Christmas. Something you could read to your kids as a good night story on Christmas Eve? Who said I was a heartless bastard? :)

Traitor's Heir by Steven Savile

I gush about Young Sav's work quite a bit. Steve is talented, there are no doubts about that. He crafts a mean tale, whether it be a vampire tale or a thriller. But for this book, he's gone to Young Adult -- I need to blog about my plan one of these days -- and hits a solid six (cricket term) with this one. Ashley Hawthorne is en route to her "aunt" Elspeth's will reading, and there she is bequeathed several items. What happens next is a flight of fancy into a world she couldn't dream of. I'm eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

Initiation by Imogen Rose

Imogen is an incredibly talented author. Initiation is another YA tale that is a tad racier than the first Bonfire Academy book, Faustine. While Faustine is a character in this one, the tale centers mainly on Cordelia, Faustine's mentor when the latter arrives at BA. Cordelia is 17 and has the hots for a certain Student Body president right from page one. Imogen has an easy going style that allows the reader to fly through a book. Like Steve's book above, I can't get enough of this series.

Ghosts of Arlington by D.G. Gass

When I saw the cover of this book a few months ago -- a Stan Tremblay creation -- I found myself wanting to read the book. I had it read in only a few hours, and this was a rather awe-inspiring tale of a woman whose ex-military husband (she is ex-military, too) takes his own life while suffering from PTSD and follows her recovery from the ordeal. She meets a handsome reporter who eventually does a story on her situation, which gets noticed by Congress.

Etchings of Power by Terry Simpson

This fantasy novel literally exhausted me. It's a fairly long book, and it took most of five days for me to read. There are two main storylines here: that of Ryne and Ancel, two beings with parallel lives. This is a brilliant, well-crafted work by an up-and-comer in the fantasy genre. The world is plausible, and one can tell that T-Simps spent many a day world building before he even put his fingertips on the keyboard. And there is a second book coming at some point.

Today, I start beta reading Susanne O'Leary's newest book before I return to my Kindle later this weekend.

I just love reading, don't you?