Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in Review, 2013 in advance

So here we are, 2012 is almost kaput, and yours truly had an absolutely fantastic year. Not only did I meet someone beyond fantastic in my personal life--the woman who completes me in every way, shape and form--my professional life has been just as fantastic.

Professionally, I published three novels, a novella, and three children's stories in 2013. Starting with and introducing Furball and Feathers: The Cat Food Caper!, I brought several stories to the fore, and continued the Jaclyn Johnson AGENT series with the release of FEDERAL AGENT.

In order:

Furball and Feathers: The Cat Food Caper
Eminent Souls
Cold Altar
Furball and Feathers: The Birdseed Bugaboo
My Sister Is An Alien (I Think)
Federal Agent
Voir Dire

In 2013, I plan on releasing the second Obloeron fantasy prequel within the first quarter, plus the project I'm currently working on, REDEEMED, in the summer. The fifth Jaclyn Johnson novel will be written over the summer, and there may even be a third Furball and Feathers.

As of this morning, I was 91 books away from 4,000 sold for the year, and 81 away from selling 7,000 lifetime. I know I'll be at 7,000 soon, possibly right after the ball drops.

Happy New Year to my readers.