Sunday, December 2, 2012

A guided tour of my mind

Greetings friends, neighbors, and inmates. Sean here with another blog post. Please, hold your applause until the end.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been quiet on the blogging front lately. I’ve been deep in the first draft of REDEEMED, a dystopian novel set mainly in Boston. I haven’t done much in the way of promoting FEDERAL AGENT, especially over the last couple of weeks. There’s been Thanksgiving meals and mainly concentrating on REDEEMED, which may be the most vast undertaking that I’ll ever write.

Of course, I say that and I’ll come back with something bigger in a couple of years.

I was keenly ready to promote FA, my fourth Jaclyn Johnson thriller set in Atlanta—but then I got stuck in traffic. Seriously, buy the book and read it. You’ll understand. I had barely done anything to promote it.

But something happened on the way to writing this post: I published another book. In fact, earlier this morning (Sunday, December 2), I uploaded my next mystery, entitled Voir Dire (for those of you who don’t speak Latin, Voir Dire means To seek the truth). As I sat in my writer’s room, I thought to myself, “Self, you just can’t do that.”

And then I answered myself—shit, I’m sounding a lot like Voldemort, aren’t I?—“That’s two books. Seriously, you can’t blog about one and not the other. Whatever will you do?”

The answer came to me: take the readers on a tour of your mind, where everything is created, processed, and eventually churned out into a pile of prose. It is the source of everything that I’ve written, spreading across multiple genres and multiple years.

Mind your step: It’s squishy in some spots.

Follow along as I show you the vast world of Obloeron, where everything started: A fantasy world with humans, elves, dwarves, evil (and good) wizards, orcs, trolls, and assorted beasts conjured some three feet above my ass. Behold the sword of Flad-rul, and the men who have possessed it. Follow me to Arida, a world of gentle things—except the evil dwarves. Preston travels through it to engage Urcin in battle.

Follow me to 1919 Boston, where a pair of baseball fans become time travelers in order to stop not one, but two of the most heinous events in baseball history from occurring.

Follow me into space, where Ryann Germayne must make a decision to save the galaxy.

Follow me through Jaclyn Johnson’s world of espionage and danger as she saves countless lives from terrorism. Boston, London, Las Vegas, Atlanta.  And many places in between.

Follow me to my hometown, where private investigator Alex Bourque dodges criminals and finds his way into his girlfriend’s arms and undies—not that it’s too hard to do that second one, but anyway...

Follow me to Tombstone, where four teens must stay true to themselves in order to save themselves from zombies, while two of them reveal a family secret.

Follow me to Oklahoma City, where a baseball writer finds things aren’t so copacetic in the big league club’s locker room.

And soon, follow me into the future of Boston, where one man eludes the authorities and leads the people into rebellion.

A tour of my mind… what a dangerous place it is.