Monday, January 21, 2013

Author Spotlight: K.R. Jordan

Today, we start the week with a special treat, as K.R. Jordan, one of my favoritest peoples in the state of Texas, has just released a new novella entitled Riftglade. You can find it on Amazon. She's also on Goodreads, as well as Facebook. Remember to click LIKE on it so you can let your peeps on Facebook know, you know, that you like it.

Without further ado, here's Miss Jordan!

Thank you very much for having me on your blog, Sean!  Hello everyone!  I’m River Jordan and I write under the nom de plume, K.R. Jordan.  I’m from the Gulf Coast of Texas where I enjoy swimming, writing and fishing as hobbies.  I only write part time, but I have been writing since forever!

If you haven’t read any of my short stories, my writing leans toward YA or YA paranormal (Leela: and Alba: ). My collaboration with author Scott Prussing, Blue Fire Heat is a love story about his two main characters: I wrote the story and he added the “heat” to it.  It is for adults only. I also write poetry, though none is published as of yet.

I’d recently read an extremely sensual poem by poet/author Gary L. Robinson named Clover’s Bliss:

I laid her down in a field of clover
her wanting body I hovered over
dress gathered, seductive at her waist
ahh I saw her thighs, longed to taste

she raised her hips, dress pulled over
and left it lying stoic in the clover
yes, nothing to hinder my view of her
with a whisper she said "come higher..."

she opened herself to me, nothing left to hide
yes no need to play, just to explore inside
freed and pulsing my masculinity her reward
with the heels of her feet she led me inward

I lay my hardness on her place just to tease
she gasps in a breathless tone "take me, please"
without a second thought and boyish grin
I concede to her request, our passion begins

Making love in a field of clover!
These are my dreams, over and over

Clover's Bliss by Gary L. Robinson, 2012

Like most authors, I never know what will inspire a story. It could be anything, you know?  Well, this poem started a story in my head that just took off!  It really wrote itself!

Riftglade is published by Hot Ink Press ( ) and does have an erotic love scene but is chock full of excitement and adventure as well! 

Princess Yaliza must reluctantly venture out into the world on her own to find her destiny. Right as her journey begins, she is flung straight into an unexpected adventure!

Thanks for dropping by, River!