Sunday, January 20, 2013

Breaking It Down: REDEEMED by the numbers, Part 1

As you know, I'm in the second half of writing REDEEMED, a dystopian novel set in Boston. It's currently the year 2023 as I'm writing it, and some pretty epic scenes are upcoming this week. Things are shaping up that it will be my longest novel ever; it may not reach Kevin J. Anderson/doorstop levels, but it'll be my personal doorstop when I'm all done with it. I figured that if I can get it to 150,000 words, I'll be happy with that and that everything after 150K is gravy for the book. In addition, I believe that I relayed what my goals for 2013 are: 200,000 words written (I stopped 2012 at 83,550 in REDEEMED), three books published.

That said, a few numbers for you before I go grocery shopping and settle in for the NFC and AFC title games.

After a brief writing spell of 1,179 words this morning, REDEEMED checks in at 113,769 words for the project. It also means 30,219 words so far in January. I've really only taken four days off this month (technically five, but I did get some writing done two Sundays ago before heading home from the Cape).

That's an average of 1,889 words a day.

Boo ya.

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