Wednesday, January 2, 2013


And there it is, the cover to the second Obloeron prequel, THE SHADOW LOOMS. For those keeping score at home, this is novel No. 16 of my career, and fifth in the Obloeron fantasy world. I had released the fourth book, THE RISE OF THE DARK FALCON, in February 2010. So to say that I'm happy the wait is over is an understatement. For those of you that have waited patiently for it, I hope it meets your expectations.

In July 2012, I had written about the characters of this book. There's another blog post coming about the secondary antagonists of this book, quite possibly tomorrow or Friday. Let me tell you now a little about the plot without spoiling the book entirely.

A year has passed since Krampel Paddymeyer, Lutricia Juniper and Radamuck Rosar met, and the trio has grown into a routine. After spending time in a seaside town, the call for help goes up: Corsairs have attacked Oak Flats, the home of the peaceful squirrellen.

Astride their newly-acquired steeds, the trio rush to the squirrellen’s aid. It is there that they discover that the squirrellen are needed for a project—a project that could change the face of the southlands should it grow to fruition. Krampel and the others must seek answers from the Valley of the Wizards before the path winds further toward the man behind it all.

How will it all end? You'll have to wait for the third and final book, KRAMPEL'S REVENGE.

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