Thursday, February 4, 2016

JJ8, coming together quickly

Here we are, less than two weeks until the release of the seventh Jaclyn Johnson thriller, Chemical Agent: A Thriller (seriously, have you pre-ordered yet? I'll post the links at the bottom of the blog), and I should be promoting the hell out of it. I should be. I should be.

Instead, what am I doing? I'm talking about my last week and a half-plus, where I've put together the plot outline for the eighth Jaclyn Johnson thriller, tentatively entitled Ticket Agent: A Thriller.

Snazzy name, isn't it?

Over that time frame, I went from having absolutely no true idea about the plot of the book--hell, I had no idea where I would set the book, no idea what city I would tell David Wood to apply for the cover to the book--to having a relatively full, nine-page treatment of the story. While Chemical Agent is more of an emotional story in terms of Jaclyn reconciling with her past, Ticket Agent is a more cerebral story--at least that's what I think now. My mind may change. Reading through the treatment, there is little in the way of the Kaboom Factor I've plotted out in the first seven novels.

And while I've been rather formulaic in the first seven--first chapter, something bad really happens, then Jaclyn is drawn into it in the second or third chapter, and then the antagonist is introduced and explains his pains--I go away from that particular storytelling aspect and throw Jaclyn into the mix right away. But not only that, the antagonist isn't introduced for a while, and I intend to show more from Tom's point of view in this story. We honestly haven't seen much going on from his POV, so it will be interesting to write from that angle.

And not only that, we're attacking this story from two sides of the ol' pond. That's right, we're going back to London for a good portion of this book.

I can't tell you any additional information; I'm afraid I'm giving away too much as it is. I will say, though, that as I was driving to Spencer, Mass. last week for a basketball game, I had plot bunnies forming, and I bounced in the seat as I drove. Seriously, I haven't been this excited to write a book in quite a while.

I know you don't want to hear this, but JJ8 will be written this year--I start writing a short story tied to it next week, and then I'll start writing the first draft of the novel proper after February Vacation--and will be ready for the readers sometime in early 2017.

It will be worth the wait, methinks.

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Chemical Agent: A Thriller is available on Feb. 16; reserve your copy today!

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