Monday, February 15, 2016

Seven Snippets

With Jaclyn Johnson's seventh full-length adventure out and about now, I thought it would be nice to attract new readers who may have never checked out a "code name Snapshot" novel yet by giving them a free snippet or two--or in this case, seven--of Jaclyn's world.

What I've done is compiled the Sample Sunday posts from the Agent series over the last five years; I've done one for six of them, with Federal Agent being an exception for some reason or another. And they're in order, so just click from one to the other. At the bottom of the post is my bookstore link, so it's fairly easy to grab them all.

Hope you enjoy.

(Note: I did not do a Sample Sunday post for the novella, Promises Given, Promises Kept. I don't know why. It's place in the canon is between Double and Federal Agents)

Model Agent
Rogue Agent (it was so long, I needed two posts for it, part 1 and part 2)
Double Agent
Federal Agent
Literary Agent
Travel Agent
Chemical Agent

Sean's bookstore link

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