Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh, my aching legs....

Eeek. Ooof. Owwww.

I had a stress test today. For those that don't know, a stress test is basically walking/running on a treadmill, one with an incline. It was my first stress test in at least two decades, seeing as I haven't seen a cardiologist for nearly two decades until three weeks ago. This is all a part of Getting Sean Healthy, which is going fairly well so far. I've had a bit of a weight gain in the past four weeks, so I'll have to get that back in order right quick.

I lasted 9:09.

For me, that's not bad. It's just a barometer of how much work I need to do in getting back into shape. Being a writer in Massachusetts, one with a heart condition, limits exactly how much exercise one can do, especially in the heart of winter. And seeing as if winter just doesn't want to give up its choke hold, I'll have to wait until better weather comes around.

Right now, I'm achy. My hip joints are screaming at me, and I just want to rest. But once I wake up, I think we'll dive into the WIP I have going on, which I'll tell you a little bit about when I come back.