Thursday, December 4, 2014

Authors Behaving Badly, Yet Again

It seems to me that there are some authors out there who just don't know how to behave when things don't go their way. A few months ago, I wrote about an author being a douchebag to their potential readers. There have been plenty of other well-documented cases of an author bitching out a reviewer because the author didn't send the final copy; it made the reviewer go viral, made him inundated with review requests.

Today, I'm writing about an author who threw a temper tantrum on Twitter because she wasn't nominated for a New York Times "100 Notable Books of 2014" list. Go read that for a few minutes.

Wow, huh?

Look, lady. We authors, traditionally published and indie, we all work hard. We all work with the ferocity of a wolverine, creating worlds over the course of months and sometimes years, only to have them gobbled up in a matter of hours or days. Sometimes word spreads of how good they are; sometimes, word spreads of how shit they are. We are not guaranteed success, or a spot in the New York Times, regardless of how many good reviews we get. You should know this. You are one of the authors New York has deemed fit to publish.

What did you hope to accomplish with your rant? Do you think that the New York Times is going to see this, take pity on you and put together a new list, or remember to put you on the next one? No, I highly doubt that's what will happen. I'm not going to come up with a hypothesis, either: I'm just going to work on my next book, something every author should be doing.

And they say that only indies don't know how to behave....