Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Current list of Sean Sweeney titles

At the moment, my website is down. I've provided the links for you here:

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Books and stories by Sean Sweeney

The Jaclyn Johnson, a.k.a. Snapshot AGENT series 
Model Agent: A Thriller*
Rogue Agent: A Thriller*
Double Agent: A Thriller*
Promises Given, Promises Kept: A Jaclyn Johnson novella
Federal Agent: A Thriller
Literary Agent: A Thriller (Coming soon)

Royal Switch: A Major League Thriller
Zombie Showdown*
Eminent Souls

The Obloeron Prequel Series
The Rise Of The Dark Falcon
The Shadow Looms
Cold Altar
Voir Dire
Furball and Feathers: The Cat Food Caper
Furball and Feathers: The Birdseed Bugaboo
Furball and Feathers: The Case of the High-Wire Horse

Short stories
Belief Debt: Paid In Full (Part of Christopher Nadeau’s Not in the Brochure anthology)
C is for Coulrophobia (Part of the Phobophobia anthology*)
Red Christmas (Part of the Bump in the Night 2011 anthology*)

As John Fitch V

The Obloeron Trilogy*
The Quest For The Chalice
The Return To Labergator
The Fall Of Myrindar

One Hero, A Savior*
Turning Back The Clock*
A Galaxy At War*
The Mastermind: A novella

Short stories
Amber Twilight