Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Book Day, folks--BEACH BLANKET BLOODSHED is here!

It is my great pleasure to announce that today, the First Day of Summer 2016, is Book Day around these parts.

Yes, friends. Beach Blanket Bloodshed: An Alex Bourque Mystery has arrived and is available on all ebook retailers. Links are below.

I had been thinking of this one for a couple of years, ever since Jen and I returned from one of our joint trips to Truro, Mass., where her grandmother lives. Remember that she has been done there plenty of times, while I've only been going down there since August 2012. The idea hit me in 2013, intensified in 2014, and finally, in August 2015, with some time on the writing calendar, the story spilled onto the screen.

Of the three Small Town PI books, I feel this one is the best: it has the best writing, and by far has the most consistent storyline of the three. I'm not bad-mouthing the first two, but this one... this one I'm truly proud about.

Hope you enjoy it.

P.S.--If you're interested in a paperback version.... shoot me an email. I need some interest in them before I create them.

Here are the links: US Kindle, UK Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple iBooks

And remember: the other two books, which I revised and tightened last summer, are now re-branded to connect the series together. They are all available in my bookstore. Hope you enjoy them.

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