Sunday, December 11, 2011

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a BCP BOGO deal for under your tree

With two weeks to go until Christmas, you're probably looking for those last-minute gifts. Truth be told, I haven't even started shopping, but that's beside the point. My publisher, Bucks County Publishing, wants to help you score some low-priced trade paperback books with a Buy One, Get One free offer on the company's fantastic titles, including Zombie Showdown, through the BCP Direct store. All of the titles you pay for are only $10! You have to pay $15 on Amazon, and probably a couple bucks cheaper on B& Through BCP Direct, only $10.

Just a note here: Most of the books that BCP offers are usually $15 for trade paperback. A BOGO deal where you pay only $10 plus shipping for two books that would normally run you $30? Count me in.

Here's the schedule:

Dec 12: Christmas Stories by Sandra Krajewski
Dec 13: The Star of Christmas by Bruce A. Sarte
Dec 14: Countdown to Grandma's by Sandra Krajewski
Dec 15: The Prophet by Kim Dahl
Dec 16: Zombie Showdown by Sean Sweeney
Dec 17: NonSense by Mark Davis
Dec 18: Lancelot by Steven Cross
Dec 19: Mouth to God's Ear by Christopher Grosso
Dec 20: Family Ties by Ottilie Weber
Dec 21: Fess Up, Jessup! by KP Wee
Dec 22: All of the above, if you missed those dates

Now, which books are in the free, get one category? Here's a listing:

Bump in the Night 2010 (with my short story, Vuvuzombie)
Murderous Intent by Kim Dahl
Towering Pines by Bruce A. Sarte
Sands of Time by Bruce A Sarte
Bump in the Night 2011 (with my story, Red Christmas, right at the front)
Naomi's Journeys by Sandra Krajewski
A Hot Dry Spell by H. Lindley

Once again, hit BCP Direct on the days marked above for a great deal. Two books for the price of one. Books make excellent presents for under the tree, next to the Menorah, or in the stocking.

And remember that Friday is my day, so swarm BCP Direct, especially on Friday. My bank account would be pleased.

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