Sunday, December 4, 2011

#SampleSunday -- Double Agent

Ten minutes later, Jaclyn and Tasha arrived at a small back alley just off the Strip, just to the west of Stratosphere. A bunch of abandoned buildings sat here, boarded up. Jaclyn knew no one would truly abandon these buildings. She was sure there were vagrants of all shapes and sizes inside, mainly to survive the elements when and if it rained. She was also sure there were drug dealers and pimps there, all trying to make an unclean living under the noses of Las Vegas Police.
After tonight, Jaclyn thought, Tasha won’t have to live there ever again.
The alley Tasha had brought her to was littered with empty bottles of booze, empty crates, as well as trash bags and weeds snaking from cracks in the pavement. And within the alley
“Hey Tasha, did you score some johns? Whoa,” a voice called. “And who is this?”
Jaclyn knew this was Tony as soon as he stepped into the light. Through her HUD, Jaclyn saw that Tony was the stereotypical pimp: He wore a wide-brimmed fedora that matched the color of vomit, as well as a matching vest and pants. The man had gold chains around his neck that dangled to his bare chest. The metal slapped against his pectorals in turn as he walked toward the two women standing in the alleyway entry.
“You must be Tony,” Jaclyn said. “I’ve always been interested in sex, and I just want to become a call girl under your tutelage.”
The pimp grinned. Gold-capped teeth shimmered in the weak light.
“Well alright!” he said. “I can never have too many girls to farm, and you look like you can satisfy. How old are you, baby?”
“I’m 16 1/2,” Jaclyn lied. “I’ve known Tasha for a while now, and she said tonight was the night that I get to meet the man behind the money.”
The pimp licked his lips. He rubbed the stubble that lined his jaw as he measured Jaclyn up.
“Of course she did, of course she did, baby. What are you in to? Girls? Guys? Both? You’ve got a BDSM look about you. We always get customers that like it a little rougher than most of my girls can handle. Right, Tasha?”
Tasha frowned. Jaclyn smiled.
“Well, I’m into fem-dom, actually. I really enjoy it.”
A blank look crossed Tony’s face.
“Fem-dom? I’m not familiar with it.”
Jaclyn grinned wider.
“It’s girls who treat men like the pussies that they are. Beat them up a little, call them names. Inflicting a little pain is their specialty.”
Jaclyn was glad that she had her iPad as she and Tasha walked to the alley so she could Google the term.
You learn something new every day, Jaclyn thought as she smiled at the look on the pimp’s face. Tony had blanched.
“Naw, we don’t do that shit here. We got ourselves high paying clients that like to do the girls rough, you know. Not the other way around.”
“We don’t have to do it right here, Tony,” Jaclyn countered. To the side, Tasha bit her lip in anticipation. “I bet you’ve always dreamed of having a strong woman standing over you as you pull your little dick.”
Jaclyn saw that Tony tried to make out what she had just said. She acted before he could react, bringing her right foot up and hitting him square in the groin. He bent over, his face contorted in pain, a groan escaping from deep within his gullet. He hit his knees. Jaclyn’s fist flew across and landed underneath his jaw, sending him to the ground. Not wasting any time, Jaclyn picked the bastard up and tossed him deeper into the alley. He landed ass over tea kettle, crashing into steel garbage bins. He moaned as his back collided with the receptacles.
Jaclyn tore her trenchcoat open and looked to Tasha.
“Do you remember what I said about not looking?” she asked, pulling a Walther from its holster and drawing the suppressor from within her utility belt.
Tasha nodded.
“Don’t look.” Jaclyn screwed the suppressor to the barrel as she stalked in on the pimp. Tasha did as she was told and turned her back to the alleyway.
Jaclyn held the Walther low as she paused only a few feet away from where Tony lay, crumpled against the dumpster. She stared at him as he writhed in pain.
“How does it feel to have your life taken away from you, Tony?” she taunted. “That’s exactly what you did to Tasha and the rest of the girls. How does that make you feel, whore?”
Tony didn’t answer her.
Jaclyn took his silence as an invitation to kick him in the mouth. His teeth snapped with the force of her boot meeting his face. He screamed as blood, bone and saliva poured out. He spat the remnants; a trail of saliva lingered from his bottom lip to the pavement.
Jaclyn felt potent from his screams. It charged her up. She felt the goosebumps rising underneath the Lycra. She felt she could do anything she wished, even though touching him would make her have to wash her hands afterward.
Then again, she thought, it could have been the coffee.
She knew no one would call the police here in this forsaken neighborhood, which meant she was free to torture the bastard as much as she pleased. She took two more steps and spat on his face, the saliva pooling on the side of his nose. She stepped on his throat and shoved the suppressor against his forehead.
The pimp’s eyes widened.
“Where did you get the girls? What sick fuck sold them to you?” She could smell his fear, as well as the blood and his bowels. “Answer me and this will be all over quick.”
“Don’t kill me,” the pimp pleaded.
“Oh, I’m going to kill you, Tony,” Jaclyn corrected. “I’m going to kill you just as soon as you give me a name.” She spun on her big toe, putting more pressure on the pimp’s larynx as she moved her left foot over and drove her heel into his now-sodden groin again. His moan came out strangled. “Come on, you little pussy,” she yelled. “Big pimping Tony’s going to rat out his suppliers so I can go and kill them, too. Those fuckers don’t deserve to live another day, and neither do you. Give me a name now and I’ll let you breathe again.”
Tony cried as he spoke the names and where they’re from. Jaclyn recorded the names to her HUD. She would deal with them in time; it wasn’t exactly priority one, but as soon as she had finished in Las Vegas, she would head for the San Fernando Valley. Tony’s face, she could see, had turned white from the loss of blood. She applied a little more pressure to his groin as she leaned back. She stepped off the pimp. He immediately inhaled until he coughed.
“You better pray there’s lube in hell, Tony, because the devil’s going to have a lot of fun with her new fem-dom bitch,” Jaclyn said, raising the Walther and squeezing the trigger before the pimp could make any of it out. The bullet buried itself in his forehead. He became still half a heartbeat later. “And I didn’t say how long I’d let you breathe for.”
Jaclyn took a deep breath as she unscrewed the suppressor. She stashed it inside her utility belt and slid the Walther into its home on her hip. She buttoned up her trenchcoat before she turned and walked back to where Tasha waited for her. It appeared the girl hadn’t turned her head, nor moved a muscle. At the very least, the girl knew how to follow directions.
“You didn’t look, did you?” she asked.
Tasha shook her head in the resoundingly negative.
“Nope. I didn’t hear a word of what you said about him needing lube in hell, either,” the young girl said. She winked.
Jaclyn grinned. She had the feeling that the police wouldn’t find Tony’s corpse for quite a while. She made a mental note to have Alex send in a containment crew. They’d take care of that for her just as soon as she had Tasha on a plane. That was more important than securing the body of a pimp who used girls for sex.
“Come on, Tasha. You’re getting out of Vegas.”
“Where am I going?” she asked as they walked back to the Dodge.
“A quaint little place on the east coast called Foggy Bottom,” Jaclyn replied.
Tasha paused. Jaclyn turned and looked at her.
“Foggy Bottom? Is that like an anal sex place you go to?”
Her seriousness and the questioning look on her face made Jaclyn laugh. She grabbed her by the arm.
“For some senators and select Congressmen, yes,” she said, pulling her young charge away from the alley. 

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