Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sean's Annual Christmas Gift Giving Guide, 2011 edition

Early this morning, I put the capper on not one but two new releases for the first six months of 2012. They're formatted and ready to go. All I need are covers for them, and they'll be ready for your Kindle and Nook. So with that said, it's time to rela...

Oh shit, I didn't do my Christmas shopping yet!! Damn it, I knew I forgot to do something this year. I would have thought six new book releases would be enough.

Time for me to play Santa and dish out a few gifts for a few of my friends. Keep in mind these are actual gifts for actual people.

For Estee-Noel: More attention from me in 2012. I love you.

For The Wonder Cat: More sleeps and catnip.

For Steven Savile: More hours in the day to write GOLD, as well as every other project you're working on. And here I thought I was a prolific bastard.

For Bruce A. Sarte: A hat with the Kansas City Royals on one side and the New York Yankees on the other, so he doesn't have to worry about flip-flopping. The same can go to author Jarret Rush, except change Yankees to Texas Rangers.

For Willie Meikle: A snow blower and some Johnny Walker Blue label. It gets snowy up there in Newfoundland.

For Jeffrey Beesler: Vodka milkshakes at McDonald's. Can't you tell he's trying to feed his muse? (Quick aside: I never knew you were a lush!)

For reviewers Misty Rayburn, Misty Baker, Rachelle Gagne (and all of the others out there): Several extra sets of eyes for their reviews, so they can read more. (I'd give them more time in the day, but that went to Sav)

For Trisha Reeves and Lucia Antocci: A spark under their respective keesters.

For Jackie Hazeldine: A life-size cutout of her alter ego.

For Big Al of Big Al's Books and Pals: Another fantastic idea.

For David McAfee: Master Cole's hairline.

For David Dalglish: A bomb. You know where to stick it, brother.

For Daniel Arenson: The fourth Dragons novel already written for you. (Consider this your eighth day of Hanukkah present.)

For Mike Crane: The novel inside you. (I gave that to you last year, didn't I? Well...)

For Daniel Pyle: A beard trimmer.

For Jason Letts: A sandy beach somewhere far away... that may be difficult to fit into a stocking, Jay.

For Robert DuPerre: A generator. Or two. You know, so you can hook the Internet and your laptop in during October snowstorms and hurricanes.

For Amanda Hocking: A DeLorean. Enjoy the ride, kiddo.

For David Kruh: A scaled-down model of Scollay Square, with Scollay's Building right in the center instead of the pillbox.

For Imogen Rose: A complete Hermes makeover.

For Christin Mowery: Your baby girl home for good.

For Allie Burke: Toe socks and sparkles.

For Katie "River" Jordan: A poster of all your favorite author-type peoples.

For Kent Holloway: The drive necessary to continue his ME blogs.

For Dean M. Drinkel: A free pass from Tottenham Hotspur taunts.

For all of my fans: A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks so much for hanging with me in 2011. There is so much more to come from me in 2012! Stay tuned.


  1. I'm full of ideas, but lack time. Can I trade with Steve? :)

    Thanks Sean,

  2. lol, too funny! Have a great and productive one Sean! I look forward to all the great work you're going to do in 2012.

  3. I just got my extra eyes in my post box!!! I'm so damn excited. Thanks!!!